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ArgueRants #22: The End

Posted by sean berry on March 9, 2012 at 7:45 PM

The end is near…you know, the Mayans said this, Nostradamus said that, and a bunch of scientists have their own theories as well. I believe that it's possible but I'm not so sure on the near part and if you really think about it, the world ends for someone every single day. People really seem to want to believe that it is all going to come to some fiery end for us and we as a culture will be judged for our sins or our essence will simply be erased from the planet. Of course this is very possible and like the dinosaurs we could be yet another species rendered extinct by some cosmic eventuality. If we as people think our lives are busy, then we must realize that the universe has much more going on than we do and our time here is barely a moment within the total time the universe has existed. How humbling eh? Well, so what if it is going to end? What are people really going to do different? Rush the churches and pray for salvation? Rob the pharmacy for every drug to make the reckoning a pure bliss? Line beach chairs up and chill with their best friends and family while a planet destroying comet hones in on them from the sky?


How possible will it be for everyone to do what they want or what they feel they want to do? I wonder how as a people we will react to something we’ve never experienced before and who will believe it and furthermore, who will choose to react to it? Some cultures may take the news well, believing man to be a parasite upon this earth, some religions will see it as an act of cleansing, and some people will say that it’s all just a big hoax. The end might be the end to all things, but the end won’t be the same thing to all things, just as we will be more than an anomaly, more than a chance happening of particles and energy, we will be a bit of magic among the fury of chaos and creation like a serpent twirling in a whirlpool of plasma. There’s many ways it can happen, but if all the result is the same then the story in the middle will just be a variable. I can envision how the certainty of utter demise could drive individuals to embrace their true self without fear of consequence and I think for others it would provide an opportunity to show the love they never expressed and give thanks to that which they already possessed.


The reality of it is whether one person dies or we all do, the world is always ending and worlds always end period. Shit happens. We should never focus on the end because we will lose sight of what’s in front of us and if the present takes precedence over eventual demise than our time will never be wasted. Let us go how we were and please don’t loot and riot to high hell, well maybe loot, but don’t be violent because no one should be killed before everyone is going to die anyway. Case in point: if you have a grudge against someone, looks like it’s time to bury the hatchet and find a better use for your limited time. So here’s to the end: the only time in history every person alive will be as one as they go as one. But honestly, who cares about the end anyway, we all have real problems to deal with...

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Reply pariah
10:17 AM on March 10, 2012 
Our time is indeed short, whether for us as individuals, or the world as a whole. It's best to make the most of the time you have, so when the end finally does come, you can look back on your life and be confident that you made the world a better place, if only a little.