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ArgueRants #12: Boredom

Posted by sean berry on June 11, 2011 at 4:58 PM

We’ve all been in some situation whereby we had absolutely nothing to do and the feeling of boredom can be the mental equivalent of a gunshot in the stomach. Now while for some of us, these moments are few and far between, I have noticed that there are many people who seem to be chronically bored all the time. If you took the time to look closely at any one’s life, you would realize that any of the activities that each of us participates in can be considered boring by someone else. You may have even experienced the phenomenon of being bored doing something that you normally like to do and it’s this occurrence that causes me to raise an eyebrow to someone who tells me that they are constantly bored. Is it really that t here is nothing for someone to do or that they are simply incapable of being stimulated on certain levels?


Modern times make for modern entertainment and the trend seems to be growing towards more and more exposure to entertainment from all types of mediums. As the world expands and as every new individual takes it upon themselves to create entertainment for others, how is it affecting the world at large and more importantly, the entertainment in it? I often think of how popular the Simpsons use to be and nowadays the show seems pale in comparison to other cartoons of the same genre and inevitably it was people growing bored with The Simpsons that caused their rivals to come into creation. Supply and demand exists in consumable products just as it does with entertainment itself. The mind constantly yearns to be satisfied and if we’re bored, we’re in dire need of stimulation, which varies dramatically from individual to individual.


So how do most people cope with that dreadful feeling of having time and having no idea what the hell to do with it? Boredom is often times ended simply with action, as much of boredom’s origin comes from a simple lack of movement, mainly physical but it can exist mentally as well, when we find ourselves repeating a mental process over and over again. Some people eat when they’re bored, some people play games, some people talk, some people draw, and some people go on the computer, but what do people do when they’re bored? They look for stuff to do and in that eventuality exists a great opportunity for business because money can always find you some sort of activity to do, if you are the type that lacks imagination or resources.


On a personal note, I rarely find myself “bored” or without something to do. When it comes to entertainment I’m a pretty flexible guy enjoying simple mundane television to watching a fire or reading a book, throw in some pool, video games, and fairly regular sex and my mind has a buffet of potential activities from which to eat. When I get down though or am really worn out from stress, much of what I normally love to do seems wholly and utterly boring. I think people forget how important one’s imagination is in living a healthy life, because it’s our entire view that shapes how every stimulus is received by our mind/body. When we wallow in boredom, we are essentially too tired to create or seek our entertainment, so it may be less about activities and more about neurotransmitters.


Boredom is just one of those things that everyone will experience from time to time but like with anything, if it becomes a constant dilemma, there could be many factors creating it and not just a lack of any particularly fun activity. I find by lacking focus, it’s hard to appreciate or enjoy any kind of music or what someone has to say because when you hear pieces of things as opposed to the sequential stream at which they were meant to be heard, you thereby diminish the potential enjoyment of that activity. Life is anything but a constant party and we all learn quite quickly that the good times are often dwarfed by the bad, so a happy disposition can take quite a bit of effort and maintenance. Just by simply eating better, one could stand to enjoy life more, which seems almost sort of absurd but let’s face it, health nuts do not represent a majority among the general population. So take a cue from the crazy man who talks to people who aren’t there: when you see the world is yours to create, you will find a lot more things to do…

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