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ArgueRants #17: The Love in your Life

Posted by sean berry on September 9, 2011 at 10:30 AM

We all get lonely and for many of us, the need to find a person to fill in that gap is a never ending pursuit. When we finally meet someone special and begin to grow close to them, a completely new sense of interdependence is created and thus feeds us joy even at the mere thought of the other person. There really is nothing quite like being in love with someone else and because the feeling is so strong, we are often times willing to do just about anything to keep receiving it. As people, we are prone to habit with the knack for almost instant adaptation if the motivation is right.


I am dating a girl now that has inspired me to make a lot of positive changes in my life and I too have done all in my power to improve her life and well being. For me, having that special someone in your life gives you another reason to fight the good fight, another reason to awake with a smile, another reason to be who you are despite the forces that try to consolidate and manipulate your essence. We love the people we love because they love us for who we are and we love them for the same reason. We love in spite of our flaws, short falls, and failures, in fact, it’s sometimes these very things that add to the very flavor of a personal union.


The core of it all is attraction and not simply that tingly sensation one gets from looking into the face of another, but the feeling of loyalty that is created and the pleasure that comes from simply being with another person. Watching a bad movie with my girl makes it better, sharing in something together is divine, and without a doubt, idle conversation is ever expansive and never boring. When I’m with her, there seems to be little that bothers me, like being doped up and numb without the lack of mental clarity and acute liver damage. She is indeed the greatest addiction I’ve ever had and it’s one habit I damn sure don’t want to give up.


Our significant other teaches us a lot about ourselves because as it is, we are not so transparent to others that they know all our idiosyncrasies, problems, and dreams. People are complex, full of unopened doors and our given rations are in constant flux. We build on our experiences and try to move forward as often as possible, the relationship itself ages like fine wine as the inherent bond between two people creates a sense of understanding which is impossible to get anywhere else. No one will ever know you like the person you love and it’s very healthy to be able to take the mask off you may wear to others.


Love is powerful and it’s no wonder people go to extremes for it and to maintain it. Love is like an equalizer to the soul, whereby when one person is down, the other boosts them and vice versa. It is an emotional yin and yang and a variable mathematic equation of dynamic exchange between two people. What would the world be like if we didn’t love one another? It would be savage, unfulfilling, and devoid of ultimate pleasure. We are wired to care and to be there for others, but we are also unique in the sense that we can’t be wired to everyone equally. There are some people who fit us perfectly like a glove and I am happy to say I have that kind of person in my life and I would fight to the death for her, boost her when she needs it, and see the world not as mine and hers, but ours, together. The Beatles were right, “all you need is love, love…love is all you need.”

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Reply JPaw
12:40 PM on September 9, 2011 
Much love...
Reply sean berry
1:20 PM on September 9, 2011 
Right back at ya, baby...
Reply pariah
2:52 PM on September 12, 2011 
Wow, great blog, mate. It's nice to know you met that special someone...